Our Values

Chemical Free Promise – We promise to NEVER utilize chemical substances in our products. Also, no Nasties, no parabens, no sulphates, no silicones, and no artificial colours will be used, only pure honest chemical free ingredients.

Sustainability promise – The environment in which we live is vital and has a direct influence on our quality of life. As a result, we approach working the land with a profound regard and love for the natural gifts it provides, and we take inspiration for our health from the enormous diversity of plants. We deliberately select an ecological way of living that works in perfect harmony with our environment in our everyday lives, both personal and professional. We only use certified organic ingredients in our products, as well as environmentally friendly packaging.

Holistic Beauty Promise—We believe that genuine beauty is synonymous with quality and health. The best components are those that come straight from nature. Organic essential oils, pure aromatic extracts, and herbal extracts from flowers, seeds, and plants are among the ingredients we utilize. We make certain that your skin is properly nourished in order to maintain its health and radiance. We believe you are entitled to the most beautiful, pleasurable, and nourishing experience possible from nature. The great sensation that comes from taking care of your body with pure organic care is what beauty is all about.

Highest quality standards promise – Our small business was built on the principle of environmental stewardship. When plants and herbs are cultivated naturally and organically, they thrive. Similarly, when we eat clean, organic foods, our bodies flourish. One of the main goals at Agathos is to produce high-quality, pure, organic products. Through a variety of organic natural body care and skincare products, we hope to improve and strengthen health and enhance the way our bodies feel.